KOMET – Release & Live Video

Hello everyone,It's been a while since we've posted here. That's not because we haven't had enough to do, but rather because we've had too much. 😀 Besides Anna's solo releases (be sure to check out ANAÏSA!!) and Tobi's engagement with Helene Fischer, we still managed to record and publish a few videos. […]

CROWDFUNDING: Support our debut album '#Hashtag'

After 4 years, the time has come: We are working flat out on our first album. The selection of songs has already been made, the album title has been chosen and thought through 70 times, and we are already working on the production in our own small studio. But so that it doesn't remain a home studio project, we would like to finish the album in a professional […]

Radio interviews about the single release “About You”

In January 2018 we released our first single "About You". We were very happy that it was played on Radio Essen and Radio Bochum in the Ruhrcharts, as well as by the Düsseldorf University Radio. Of course we were also interviewed and talked about our music and our plans. So that you don't miss anything, we have [...]

RELEASE: Single “About You”

In January 2018, a long-awaited dream came true: we released our first own song. "About You" is about an unfulfilled and unbalanced relationship. Many people certainly know the feeling of always giving and getting nothing in return, the feeling of being exploited. It is precisely this state and the desire to break out of this relationship, [...]