Are you planning a company event, a Christmas party or a trade fair event as an online event or hybrid event? We provide the right musical supporting program. Whether as a duo, as a trio with saxophone or with our unplugged band 'The Rich Kids', we will ensure the right atmosphere at your online event or live stream.

We were able to accompany events for:

Since social contacts were restricted, online events have been THE topic in the event industry. What was born out of necessity is currently developing into a trend for the next few years. Conferences, company events, Christmas parties and trade fairs are now regularly implemented as online or hybrid events.

If you have your online event run by a professional video production or technology company, we would be happy to come to the studio and play there as part of the production.
If there is no production facility and the event is implemented exclusively via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, we can produce and broadcast our performance ourselves at the highest technical level. Examples of this can be found here.

NEUTON & The Rich Kids

our Gypsy Swing Band for your live stream