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Neuton - the versatile live band for every event

Whether for company events, birthdays, trade fairs or a champagne reception of any kind, with Neuton we offer the right soundtrack for every occasion. We always adapt to the atmosphere of the event. We have the right songs in our repertoire for both lounge music in the background and for a lively party. By using the acoustic guitar in combination with a loop station, our two-part vocals and the additional percussion elements, we can create a well-rounded sound that appeals equally to all generations. We see ourselves as the perfect mix of modern pop culture and handmade music. We effortlessly combine the unplugged sound with powerful beats and melodies that stick in your head.

Our versatility means we are well placed at almost any event. If you are not sure how we would best fit into your event, we would be happy to advise you. Through over 400 performances and concerts together in a wide variety of environments, we have gained a lot of experience, which we now use to make every event perfect.

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If we have piqued your interest or you have any questions, we look forward to hearing from you.

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