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Xmas Shopping 2021

It's that time again. Our Christmas playlist has been playing at home for a week (which you can HERE finds) and when you walk through the city you see steaming mugs of mulled wine every now and then. At the same time, you're racing around thinking about what original thing you can come up with this year to surprise your loved ones... To help you a little, we've just updated our shop!

Our Stand-Up-Tall ceramic mugs also look great in the Christmas look.

In addition to our Debut album, of which we actually still have a few CD's lying around here (who would have thought in streaming times?! ????) and our timeless Jute bag, you will now also find 2 brand new products:

Our Beanies are the perfect accessory for the coming cold season. They are super comfortable, warm and the lasered faux leather patch looks really high quality. Unfortunately, the yellow beanies sold out on the first day, but there are still a few of the other two left. You can always see the current stock numbers on the corresponding product page.

In addition, we have an absolute highlight for you! From now on, you can offer your loved ones a song from us, either as a professional studio recording or as a live video, in a stylish Wooden box to give as a gift. In the box there is a beautiful USB 3.0 stick made of wood and both the box and the stick have the NEUTON logo engraved on them.

So: go wild, give your loved ones a little NEUTON for Christmas, and if you have any questions about all this, we are, as always, available via our contact form reachable!

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